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Diploma in Logistics Management


Logistics is about delivering goods on time and at the right time. An extra week that goods are stored in the warehouse can result in the loss of thousands of dollars in profits. Logistics and supply chain management play important roles in the overall marketing and business strategy. It can make or break deals. It is all about managing and controlling every detail of the operation for the effective flow of goods, services and information from the point of origin to the marketplace.

Modern logistics industry is known as "the greatest trade in the 21st century". It is regarded as "the third most important source of profit". Today, Logistics in China is identified as one of the 12 key areas for development.

Singapore has some 3,000 logistics and supply chain management companies in operation. She has the world’s busiest and largest container port with over 200 different shipping lines sailing daily to every major port in the world. She also has one of Asia’s largest cargo airports. For this reason, Asia’s leading logistics education and research institute is based in Singapore.

Course Objectives

The Diploma in Logistics Management (LMGT) course aims to meet the demands by high value-added industries in China, Singapore and beyond. This specialized course trains students to meet the needs of the knowledge economy through information technology, having good quality education and developing the innovative spirit.

With a focus on meeting the manpower needs of the global logistics industry, the LMGT diploma course develops you into a professional capable of planning, implementing and managing the challenges posed by today’s demanding logistics businesses. With efficient logistics management, you will play an important role in ensuring business competitiveness.

About the Course

The LMGT diploma course was approved by the Hubei Education Bureau of China (Foreign) in 2008. It is highly regarded by industry. This course is a collaborative effort between the Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) and Singapore’s institute of higher learning Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

The LMGT diploma course enjoys industry recognition for providing a solid foundation in business, IT applications for business, and logistics. The broad-based multidisciplinary approach to training is combined with hands-on learning experience using the latest logistics software application programs. This maximizes your potential for further studies and gears you up for a rewarding career in logistics management.

This course is conducted in English by lecturers from the Multidiscipline Engineering Division of Ngee Ann Polytechnic and WUST. It is taught by faculty staff with vast industrial experiences and background (with some who have held high positions in industry) in logistics management, freight forwarding, port operations, services support, manufacturing and trading companies.
Third year students will be given the opportunity to embark on the local or overseas internship program or work on In-house projects (IHP) that will enhance your problem-solving skills through practical and industrial experience. You will gain in-depth understanding of logistics management issues and challenges beyond the classroom!


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Career Prospects

Get ready for a challenging career in any industry or sector with logistics functions! You can embark on a career as a supply chain analyst, logistics specialist, logistics analyst, distribution manager, distribution planner, transportation manager or logistics hub manager, or work in manufacturing companies as a buyer or planner. You may also work in the Tourism industry, semiconductor industry, banking and commerce.

There are very good career prospects for graduates in companies such as:
COSCO Group, DHL Express, Federal Express (FedEX), United Parcel Service (UPS), YCH Group, PANALPINA World Transport, Apple Computers, Motorola, Philips, Creative Technology, Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), Hapaq Lloyd, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) etc.

Award of Certificate

Students completing this program will be awarded diplomas from both Ngee Ann Polytechnic and WUST.

Accreditation for Further Studies

With the Diploma in Logistics Management from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, you may apply to further your studies in local institutions such as Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore. Advanced standing may be granted when you further your studies in University of Tasmania (Australian Maritime College), University of South Australia, Curtin University of Technology, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Southern Cross University, University of Southern Queensland and Victoria University in Australia, University of Huddersfield and Northumbria University in UK.

Entry Requirements

Students seeking admission are required to meet the NCEE requirement of Tier 4 (1st Batch), with above 60% in English.

Course Structure

First-Year Modules

Second-Year Modules

Third-Year Modules

Level 1.1
(First Semester)

  • Fundamentals of Writing

  • Moral Development &
    Fundamentals of Law

    (公共必修课 (1))

  • Physical Education

  • Web Publishing

  • Computer & Information


  • Mathematics

Level 1.2
(Second Semester)

  • Building Oral Communication
    Skills 1
    (强化口语沟通技巧 1)
  • Mao’s Thoughts, Deng’s Theory
    & “Three Representatives”

    (公共必修课 (2) - 毛泽东思想、
    邓小平理论和"三个代表"重要 思想概论)

  • Fundamental of Logistics

  • Business Computing

  • Applied Statistics

  • Business Finance

  • Economics


Level 2.1

  • Building Oral Communication
    Skills 2

    (强化口语沟通技巧 2)
  • Enterprise Information Systems
    (企业信息系统 )
  • Service Marketing
  • Warehousing & Storage Systems
  • Operations Planning & Control Systems
  • Facilities Planning and Design

  • Electronic Commerce

Level 2.2

  • Creativity and Applied Thinking

  • Quantitative Logistics Analysis
    (定量物流分析 )
  • Customer Relationship

  • Inventory Management
    (库存管理 )
  • Quality Management
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Distribution & Transportation

Level 3.1

  • Report Writing
  • Entrepreneurship

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Chemical Logistics

  • Purchasing Management

  • Global Logistics Management

  • Project Management


Level 3.2

  • Internship Programme (IP) or
    In-House Project (IHP) 

    (工业实习/ 校内实习)